Its Summer Time – Nov/Dec 2017

As we approach summer things are changing. The weather warms up, daylight savings starts and the seasons change. This leads to a lot of anxiety for those with little babies and toddlers and many parents find themselves looking for answers to some very common questions.
What do we dress them in when out in the hot weather?
Will daylight savings affect my baby’s sleep?
Do babies suffer from Hay fever, do I need to get child medication?
There are some things we do need to do as we move in to warmer weather. We need to keep our babies hydrated and dress them according to each day. If it is really hot, it is important to wear light clothing such as singlets and nappies. Cotton is a lovely cool fabric which is lightweight and breathable. If swaddling, it is best to sleep Bub in a nappy and singlet and swaddle over the top. A plain cot sheet will be enough to tuck them in. You can always add a lightweight blanket if it is needed overnight. If we dress them as we dress ourselves then we are on the right track.
In regards to daylight savings, little bubs don’t really get affected by it because they sleep a lot anyway. You just adjust the first day by moving their feeds forward or backwards to adjust for the time changes. It will be darker in the mornings and they will go to bed at a normal time at night if the routine permits this.
With all the changes in the seasons, I think the best way we can reduce contact with allergens is to be mindful not to take babies out into the wind during high pollen count days.
Commonsense is the best strategy and of course, if you are concerned about the health of your child you should seek medical advice.

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